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The National Institute of Decontamination Specialists is an online professional development and training organization serving large national corporations as well as small, mid-sized and start-up companies.  While other training providers  simply show you how to do the work, NIDS also teaches you the science behind the work to make you a better technician, supervisor or owner.  

We offer a full suite of results-driven training solutions designed to address a wide range of decontamination challenges.  Since  2006, NIDS has been one of the leading training providers in this industry and has received recognition from the Centers for Disease Control for our training curriculum.  In addition to hundreds of testimonials from our students, our Director has received awards from both the American BioRecovery Association and the IICRC.

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TESTIMONIALS:  "Kent has a masterful way of explaining complex subject matter in a straightforward fashion that everyone can understand and begin using immediately.  Whether you're a relative newcomer to the industry or an experienced operator, this program will pay immediate dividends and pay for itself many times over"  B.D., Ohio

"As a returning student, I can always count on NIDS providing a high-level of instruction and knowledge that will make me an industry leader.  As a business owner I look forward to coming back for further education.  Keep up the good work!"  B.R., Georgia   (SCROLL DOWN FOR COURSES)


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Kent Berg,


With his extensive experience as a pioneer of this industry; Master BioRecovery Technician Instructor; OSHA Outreach Instructor; 3M Respirator Fit Tester; HAZMAT Medical Coordinator; Surgical Technician; Paramedic; Law Enforcement Officer and more, Kent uses real-world experience as well as the science behind the scenes to bring you the most thorough courses possible.  With over fifteen years teaching and constantly upgrading these courses, you know you are getting training from a recognized authority on these subjects.  Thousands of students have taken his courses.  Why?  Because of his experience and reputation.  What does that mean to you?  It means you are going to get a great in-depth and comprehensive education.  His crime and trauma course is the basis for the American BioRecovery Association's certification test, and he was the Chairman of the task force that created the IICRC's international standard for crime and trauma cleanup.  He is the founder of the American BioRecovery Association and  has written articles for many restoration magazines, newspapers and has been the keynote speaker at many of the restoration industry conferences.      By taking any of his courses, I promise that you will get the best course possible.   (SCROLL DOWN FOR COURSES)