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Police stand-offs, riot control, and personal defense may all employ some type of chemical irritant agent to subdue a target.  Regardless of the different types and strengths of chemical irritants, when these chemicals are utilized, the area affected becomes unusable until properly cleaned up.  

We cover everything from the chemicals themselves to the PPE to be worn, removing aerosols and surface particulate and the neutralization processes and chemicals needed to properly restore a property.

YOU HAVE 21 DAYS TO COMPLETE THIS COURSE FROM THE TIME YOU REGISTER. You can stop the course and re-open it as needed. You can review each chapter or portion of each chapter as many times as needed until you feel you understand the material. There are quizzes at the end of each chapter. Once you reach the end of the course, you cannot go back. Just like an in-person course, when it's over....it's over. There is no book, cheat sheet or reference to accompany this course, so it's imperative that you take lots of notes. You can pause slides to give you time to write. If you have questions, I am here to answer, weekdays 10am to 5pm eastern time.

CHAPTERS INCLUDE:  Characteristics of a good technician, OSHA Compliance, Regulated Hazards, Personal Protective Equipment, Respirators and Cartridges, Equipment and Supplies, Specialty Equipment, What is Tear Gas?, CS, CR and OC, Exposure and Toxicity, First Aid, Information Gathering, Site Assessment, Other Hazards, Documentation, Decontamination, Disposition of Contents, Decontamination of Equipment.

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