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This course addresses what the EPA says is the most prevalent synthetic drug manufactured in the United States.  There are tens of thousands of homes across the U.S. and abroad that are contaminated with Methamphetamine.  In the cases involving actual Meth Labs, the property is also contaminated with the precursor, reagents and solvents used to create meth.  Even homes where meth has only been smoked can be heavily contaminated.  

This is a very science-heavy course  that will help to make you a well-rounded specialist in this field and qualifies for 5 CEU's from the IICRC and ABRA. YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO COMPLETE THIS COURSE FROM THE TIME YOU REGISTER. You can stop the course and re-open it as needed. You can review each chapter or portion of each chapter as many times as needed until you feel you understand the material. There are quizzes at the end of each chapter. Once you reach the end of the course, you cannot go back. Just like an in-person course, when it's over....it's over. There is no book, cheat sheet or reference to accompany this course, so it's imperative that you take lots of notes. You can pause slides to give you time to write. If you have questions, I am here to answer, weekdays 10am to 5pm eastern time.

This course includes:  Meth Background; Production of Meth; Hazards of Clandestine Lab Remediation; HAZCOM Plan; Intro to Confined Spaces; Lockout/Tagout; Bloodborne Pathogens; Injury Reporting; PPE; Respiratory Protection; Equipment Needed; Hazard Assessment; Meth Sampling; Lab Reports; The Work Plan; Decon/Remediation; Outbuildings; Dump Sites; Burn Pits; Waste Characterization; Disposal; Final Reports; Clearance.

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