Creating a new breed of technician….. for a new generation of hazards.

A new generation of hazards has emerged. Crime and Trauma Scenes, Meth Labs, and Drug Resistant Germ Outbreaks are hazards that few knew existed a mere decade ago.

Today, specialty remediation for these hazards is in high demand and there are simply not enough trained personnel to address the need. In fact, this field is so unique that financial compensation for companies and their well-trained technicians is comparable to many high-tech/professional careers…without the need for a college education.

We know that as a smart consumer you may be considering other training providers.  Before you decide, investigate the instructor’s credentials (click on the “why choose NIDS” button at top of screen).  Is there a dedicated, comfortable classroom?  Are the scenarios realistic?  We offer a custom-designed REAL training center. By choosing NIDS, you are making the right training choice. Our unparalleled training programs offer the best return on your investment by providing the most accurate scientific information available, as well as showing you how to turn that knowledge into a financially rewarding career or successful market expansion. 

Each of our Crime Scene Clean Up, Meth Lab, Disinfection and Mold Remediation Classes are designed to give you every possible advantage for success.  We are certainly not the cheapest, but quality never is.  But don’t just listen to us, click on the STUDENT TESTIMONIALS  “READ MORE” BUTTON,  on the right side of this page!

NIDS is creating a new breed of technician with the credibility and expertise that government agencies, environmental providers, and the public can rely on.

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