Whether  you are seeking Crime Scene Cleanup Training, Meth Lab Decontamination Training, or Environmental Disinfection Training, NIDS is creating a new breed of technician….. for a new generation of hazards.


WE PROVIDE IN-PERSON TRAINING:  Some people feel there is no substitute for live classroom training and want the interactive classroom experience in order to ask questions, handle and practice with equipment and hear the questions their classmates ask.  Contact NIDS to find out how you can host a course.

WE PROVIDE ONLINE TRAINING COURSES:  NIDS now offers our Crime Scene Cleanup Training courses through totally comprehensive online training.  Once you sign up, you can take the course at your own pace… stopping whenever you wish, and continuing at your leisure.

By choosing NIDS, you are making the right training choice. Our unparalleled Training Courses offer the best return on your investment by providing the most accurate scientific information available to help you become a leader in your field. 

Our courses are designed to give you every possible advantage for success.  We are certainly not the cheapest, but quality never is.  But don’t just listen to us, click on the STUDENT TESTIMONIALS  “READ MORE” BUTTON,  on the right side of this page!

NIDS is creating a new breed of technician with the credibility and expertise that government agencies, environmental providers, and the public can rely on.

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