Why Choose NIDS?



NIDS is approved by the American BioRecovery Association. Some of our courses also earn continuing education credits from the IICRC.



Our courses are science-based as the result of constant research, and we only present training on subjects our instructors are recognized experts on.


Kent Berg, ACBTI, is the Director of NIDS. He has taught specialty decontamination of crime scenes, meth labs, disease outbreaks, and other biohazard challenges to over 800 companies across the U.S. , Canada, Australia, and the U.K.; and has provided countless others with technical assistance.  Experience: He has supervised the cleanup and disinfection of over 1,000 crime and trauma scenes, and has written five training manuals which are considered by many to be the most comprehensive in the world. In 2001 his company was contracted by the U.S. Government to decontaminate a postal facility within the Veterans Medical Center in Washington, DC that was contaminated with anthrax.

He has personally performed Cruise Ship decontamination for Norovirus, and MRSA. As a consultant, he has assisted Cities, Counties and the U.S. military prepare bid requests for biorecovery services, and assisted in creating legislation for biorecovery statutes.

Published Works: He is a Freelance Writer for ICS and R&R journals. His articles review the administrative and technical aspects of biological remediation outside of the healthcare environment.

Other Accomplishments: Mr. Berg is an OSHA-authorized Outreach Trainer, and is the Founder, Past President, and currently a consultant/advisor for the American BioRecovery Association.  He was recently invited to chair the IICRC S-540 Consensus Committee for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Standards. He holds membership in the American BioRecovery Association, Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, International Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians, and the Cleaning Industry Research Institute.

Michael A. Miller has served as the Director of the Anderson/Oconee Regional Forensics Laboratory since its creation in August of 2000.

Experience:  To date, Agent Miller has participated in over 500 clandestine laboratory investigations, analyzed over 2500 samples from clandestine laboratory crime scenes, and testified as an expert witness in Federal, State, Family, and Military courts with regards to clandestine lab activity.  Prior to 2000, Agent Miller served as a Special Agent and Forensic Chemist with the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Agent Miller has been a sworn DEA Task Force Officer, acts as an advanced topics instructor at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, and provides consulting assistance to agencies developing clandestine lab programs or needing training in the arena of clandestine laboratory investigations.

Education:  Agent Miller holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the College of Charleston, attended graduate school at Clemson University, and has twelve years of law enforcement experience.  Agent Miller has graduated from the DEA clandestine lab certification program, clandestine lab site safety officer program, and the clandestine lab first responder instructor program.

Other Accomplishments:  Agent Miller is a Past-President of the Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists Association.  NIDS is proud and honored to have an expert of this caliber associated with our Meth Lab Decontamination Course.