“As a medical microbiologist and biological safety officer who has worked for over 30 years in research, clinical, testing and high containment labs with both animal and human pathogens including select agents, I found NIDS’ Crime and Trauma Scene BioReocvery course to be accurate in both the science and the safety.  The lecture and hands-on portions were well organized, chock full of relevant information and fun!  The C/T Scene BioRecovery Business Start-Up was also extraordinarily helpful.  All the tips/pitfalls/marketing strategies that Kent has learned over the years was conveyed in a clear concise manner.  I highly recommend both courses and look forward to taking additional ones.”  Patricia D. Cox, PhD, MT(ASCP), RBP  Biological Safety Officer, Assistant Director, Regulatory Compliance & Safety, Mississippi State University

“The course was amazing.  This was the most interesting course I’ve taken in 15 years…it was great!  By the time I finished the hands-on lab I was confident I could perform the tasks needed to do the job!”  Derek Gregory, C.E.O. Action BioRecovery

“I completed Clandestine Meth Lab Clean-Up course today, this is must have course for anyone in the remediation industry. I cannot say enough about Kent and Mike, the knowledge, professionalism, & presentation is top shelf.”  Robby Bonham,   ServPro

“NIDS’ comprehensive program is presented in a non-biased format with the pro’s and con’s of each approach thoroughly discussed and demonstrated.   Kent has a masterful way of explaining complex subject matter in a straightforward fashion that everyone can understand and begin using immediately.  Whether you’re a relative newcomer to the industry or an experienced operator, this program will pay immediate dividends and pay for itself many times over.”  Brett Davis, Ecosense Company

“I just wanted to thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job with my training, and I can’t wait to make enough money to send some future employees down there to attend classes!”  Sue Walczak

“This was an excellent course.  I have taken many IICRC courses and this was superior to all.  The information was great, but was also practical to real world scenarios, not just the ideal situations taught in most courses.”   Nick Steen, SERVPRO

“Excellent. I learned a tremendous amount of information to compliment my current business.” Edward Chung, President, Jindo Property Services

“NIDS and Kent Berg are the eminent professionals in this growing field.  The fact that Kent has been asked to chair the new IICRC S-540 standard for Crime Scene Cleanup is empirical evidence of this fact.  I could have spent a year trying to figure out the best way to do this, but Kent made it very easy to understand and the hands-on day of the course was brilliant.  I feel like I’ve already done a trauma cleanup.  If you’re taking a bio-recovery course without any hands-on experience, you’re really short changing yourself.  I’m really glad I didn’t slog through an online course like some of my colleagues who hated the over-emphasis on OSHA.  When I do any more training in this area, it will be with Kent Berg and NIDS, that’s for sure.”  Paul Drayton,  Paul Davis Emergency Services 

“Very professional, excellent content, great presentation and interesting stories.” Pamela Marsden, BVM CleanScene, Australia

“Kent Berg is the best instructor that I have sat under and is very knowledgeable in the field and has a great facility.” Wes Price, Mountain Empire BioRecovery

“I have taken the class online from the Decon trainer in XXXXX and it doesn’t even compare to the class that Kent taught.  The hands-on sessions made all the difference.  It is like being a pilot.  Do I want to fly with someone who has passed all the classes online, or with someone who has actual experience in the cockpit?  Online may give you a “feel” for what you can be exposed to, but if you are serious about CTS and being trained correctly, NIDS is the only option.”  Jeff Keeny, owner.  Paul Davis Emergency Services of Whichita. 

“Absolutely met and exceeded all and more of any possible expectation I could have imagined. Very pleased and impressed.” Donald Garner, GPC Environmental

“It was a great class taught by a great teacher!” Mark Esquivel, Field Supervisor Clean Earth Restorations Inc. San Diego, CA

“The Crime and Trauma Scene course was everything I expected and more! Kent is the best instructor I have come across in eleven years!” Mike McIntyre, Pro-Action Restoration.  Phila. PA

“As a 30-year law enforcement professional I have attended many different training sessions. This was one of the best! Kent Berg is a true professional who knows his business. I would recommend the Crime and Trauma course to anyone who has a desire to learn the business.” George Rhoades

“This course was unbelievably realistic. Having already been in the business for 5 years, I thought it was awesome and worth every penny.” Ryan Ricketts

“The Advanced Environmental Disinfection Course is filled with rock-solid facts that are easily grasped and given in a very retainable manner. The information and hands-on experience was invaluable to my work.” Beau Broom

“As a returning student I can always count on NIDS providing a high-level of instruction and knowledge that will make me an industry leader. As a business owner I look forward to coming back for further education. Keep up the good work!” Brandon Ridley, owner. Southern BioRecovery

“We have recently taken into our employment a graduate of NIDS.  I am writing you to let you know that the training she received at your campus has proven to be invaluable to us in the field.  It’s like getting a new computer that has all the programs you need already installed.  Though she is a very self-motivated individual, she would not be the valued employee that she is today without the exemplary training she received from NIDS.”   Gordy Powell, owner.  Georgia Clean & Associates

“In comparison to other trainers and programs, NIDS courses are far superior. You can take this class and have full confidence that you are doing it correctly.” Brandon Johnson, operations manager.  Bio Crisis Solutions

“NIDS continually delivers a learning experience above and beyond that of most training courses. Kent is an enthusiastic instructor who knows how to engage the entirety of the class, while providing the most thorough and correct information.” Milan Alley

 “I just wanted to tell you the good news.  I handed my cards out on a Friday and by that Monday I had a job.  Even more crazy I only handed them out in 3 very small towns.  The job was here in my home town.  How weird… God works in mysterious ways.  The best part of my day was when the family told me how they appreciated my service and that I had done a great job.  So anyway just wanted to” say thank you and you have a technique of training your students that will help them to be safe, cautious, and smart about the job profession they have chosen.   I have one more paint job to finish up and then I will be handing my cards out in more areas I hope that I can help many more families.” 
Deitra Fletcher,  Bio Safety First Response Team