Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup / BioRecovery


Course Introduction:


FOR IN-PERSON TRAINING, call or email us at to discuss hosting a course at your location.   This course is approved by the American BioRecovery Association (ABRA) and completion of the course makes students eligible to sit for the ABRA BioRecovery Technician Certification exam.   ABRA does require a separate $150.00 test fee to take the exam.

ONLINE TRAINING is $699.00.   (Once you call to register and your payment is approved, you will receive instructions on how to access the course in approximately two working days.)  THIS COURSE IS APPROVED BY the American BioRecovery Association (ABRA) and completion of the course makes you eligible to sit for the online ABRA BioRecovery Technician Certification exam.   ABRA does require you to  pay a separate $150.00 test fee to take the exam.

Course Description:

This course was designed to convey the most scientifically accurate information in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.    Twenty chapters of our comprehensive course material includes:

Introduction to microbiology; disease and defense; orientation to bloodborne pathogens; protecting yourself on the job; intro to HAZCOM and SDS; confined space operations; lockout/tagout; other regulated hazards; biorecovery equipment & supplies; specialty equipment and its use; chemicals of biorecovery; containment of sharps and waste; biohazard cleanup; decomposition and its odors; non-biohazard cleanup; transport of regulated medical waste; crime scenes; dealing with family and survivors; dealing with psychological stressors; legal issues and documentation; photographing the scene; and dealing with the media.

Background Information: 

This comprehensive course is taught by Kent Berg, author of the world-renowned textbook, “Crime and Trauma Scene Bio-Recovery.” Mr. Berg is the founder of the American BioRecovery Association (the international, non-profit trade association for the Crime Scene Cleanup industry) and served as the consensus body chair of the IICRC S-540 standard for trauma and crime scene cleaning.  He is considered one of the pioneers in developing this industry and is a consultant to the government and the courts.  Mr. Berg takes you through every aspect of decontaminating crime, accident and decomposition scenes.  An American BioRecovery Association certificate is awarded to those who pass the exam, and Continuing Education Units (or CEU’s) are awarded from the IICRC and ABRA to qualified restoration professionals.   If you are going to invest in training, choose the course that is the most comprehensive and qualified.  Choose NIDS.