Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup / BioRecovery

Four Day Course: $1,495.00

Course Introduction:

Whether you call it CRIME SCENE CLEANUP, TRAUMA SCENE RECOVERY OR BIORECOVERY, training is a must.  Many people feel there is no substitute for live classroom training coupled with hands-on, supervised practice.  In fact, researchers have shown that students who receive “audio-visual” training have a learning retention of only 20%, while those who participate in “hands-on practice” enjoy a learning retention of 75%.  Many students want the interactive classroom in order to ask questions, handle and practice with equipment and hear the questions their classmates ask.  Crime Scene Cleanup work involves unique sights, textures, and odors that cannot be reproduced on a video screen….your hands-on exposure helps to build the knowledge and confidence you will need in the real world.   Through our realistic scenarios and intensive classroom interaction, you will learn how to safely remove all biological contamination and cleanup all investigative chemicals while protecting yourself and others from these emotionally charged scenes.

Course Description:

This comprehensive course is taught by Kent Berg, author of the world-renowned textbook, “Crime and Trauma Scene Bio-Recovery.” Mr. Berg is the founder of the American BioRecovery Association (the international, non-profit trade association for the Crime Scene Cleanup industry).  He is considered one of the pioneers in developing this industry and is a consultant to the government and the courts.  Mr. Berg takes you through every aspect of decontaminating a crime, accident and decomposition scene. The hands-on portion of this course includes simulated house scenarios that are contaminated with animal blood, tissue, odors and police chemicals. Between the technical classroom material and the realistic hands-on training, you will receive the experience you need to confidently handle most any scene.  A certificate is awarded to graduates, and Continuing Education Units (or CEU’s) are awarded from the IICRC and the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) to qualified restoration professionals.  NIDS training meets and far exceeds the course requirements of the American BioRecovery Association (ABRA), therefore, students who pass the final exam are eligible to register for ABRA certification as a “BioRecovery Technician” – the internationally-recognized standard in crime and trauma scene recovery. If you are going to invest in training, choose the course that is the most comprehensive AND eligible for ABRA certification!     (This course includes a 200-page full-color training manual for you to keep).

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